K8200/3Drag Z Mod Central Screw Zero Wobble

Hi, this mod increase the accuracy of +430% and eliminate most vibration.
It change the Z axis in unique way ... simple and efficient. 

I use nylon bar to create a nut because not have nylon wire, but this element can also printed in nylon with 100% infill and internal hole of 6,8mm.

After it is threaded with a male m8 tool. All other parts are printed in PLA

I make the base directly without project and I reported the measurements  on graph paper and add the bolt nylon,  you can see below. You consider that there is some error in the measurements of the base but the important measure is fixed by printed top base. Uses it to make references.

I use ballbearing that I had and not standard. If you want to build it, you must create adapter for ballbearing to insert into my top base and the  same for the ballbearing on the base. The height of the bulding is not relevant.

The STL file of the gears and other pieces, you can find on Thingiverse under my account.
In this video you can see the build

and in this .. simple explain.

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Extrude Pinion to increase precision +25%

I change extrude pinion from 10 to 8 teeth, this simple change increase precision up of the 25%.
You do change extrude motor step on your firmware. Change it from 600 to 750 step/mm. The pinion hole for locking screw is 3,3mm , you do use M4 thread cutting tool. The central hole is 5mm it is ok for NEMA 17 motor.

In the image below you see printed pinion gear and after mini mini batman head at 0,05mm whit new pinion. Here the STL file ..

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coming soon other thing ...